USCIS Inmigration Exam FAQ

USCIS Inmigration Exam FAQ

The blood test for HIV checks for antibodies in the blood — not for the actual virus. It can take several weeks from the time a person is infected until the blood test for the antibodies registers positive. The ONLY way you can contract AIDS is by direct exposure to bodily secretions ( blood, semen, vaginal secretions, stool / urine ) of an infected person. A blood test for the antibody to the human immunodeficiency virus ( HIV ) is required as part of your medical examination. HIV is the virus that causes the acquired immune deficiency syndrome ( AIDS ). AIDS is the name given to the group of illnesses that may occur in persons infected with HIV. Infection with HIV causes a defect in a person’s natural immunity against disease. This defect makes an infected person vulnerable to serious illnesses that would not usually be a threat to anyone whose immune system was intact. The test is not to diagnose AIDS but to detect antibodies to the virus. The results of your test will be provided to the INS office. It may also be necessary to report to the state or local authority. The civil surgeon will review your test results with you, counsel you, and refer you to your local county health department if further evaluation and / or treatment is needed.

What is the Tuberculosis / PPD skin test?

The PPD, or TB ( tuberculosis ) skin test, checks for an antibody reaction in the skin of a person exposed to the tuberculosis bacteria. The test site must be read 48 – 72 hours after placement. If there is any swelling, it is a positive test. A chesy x-ray will then be taken to check for active disease. If the chest x-ray is negative for infectious tuberculosis, your I – 693 forms will be completed accordingly. A negative chest x – ray will NOT impact your INS status. You will be given a copy of your x-ray and letter with your TB test results. These should be taken to your local health department for further evaluation. A positive skin test indicates a prior exposure to the bacteria. Persons with a positive test have up to 25% chance of developing infectious tuberculosis over the next several years. A prophylactic antibiotic will prevent this from occurring. No reports from the health department are required to be forwarded to me for your INS exam; they are only for your personal health. A prior BCG immunization does not affect the PPD skin test.

What are Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

If you have syphilis, chancroid, granuloma inguinale, or / and gonorrhea, you need to be treated by your local health department. Documentation of treatment must be presented to the civil surgeon before your I – 693 forms can be completed.

What is Leprosy?

Leprosy is a bacterial infection that affects most commonly the skin and nerves. If you have been diagnosed with this disease you will be referred to the closest treatment center. Documentation of treatment must be presented to the civil surgeon for your I – 693 forms to be completed.

Can I open the envelope?

When all tests and immunizations are completed, the I – 693 & I – 693 supplemental forms will be signed and placed in a sealed envelope. Each patient will have his or her own envelope. Take or send the sealed envelope to the INS officer and let him / her open it. If for any reason the sealed envelope is opened before the officer receives it, you will need to return the envelope to our office to have it resealed. If the INS officer receives the envelope unsealed, he will void the forms and you must redo the forms.


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