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When you are suffering from an unexpected illness or injury, or when you simply require general medical attention without waiting for an appointment, we are the provider you need. Our professional team of board-certified physicians, nurses and technicians is equipped to handle a comprehensive range of urgent medical conditions and injuries, routine illnesses, and general medical services. ​

Allergy Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Aggressive identification & management of food allergies & food intolerance (milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy…)

  • Gluten sensitivity, sublingual therapy.

  • Elimination diet with lifestyle personalization

  • ALCAT and airborne testing

  • Dietary programs including meal delivery

Health & Wellness Counselling
  • Nutritional & diet intervention, with ongoing reevaluation and assistance

  • Metabolic testing and dietary medication.

  • Athletic Performance Enhancement consultations, including VO2 max, Resting Metabolic Rate and body compositions

  • Substance abuse (alcohol, prescription drugs, illicit drugs) management

  • Smoking cessation counseling, education & assistance

Wellness Examinations
  • Personalized Physical Examinations and Care plans

  • FAA Aviation Medical Examination and Clearance

  • CDL DOT Commercial Motor Vehicle Medical Clearance

  • United States Immigration Examination USCIS

  • Un Exercise and Atheletic Performance review with GDXSL

  • Welcome to Medicare and Annual Medicare Exam

Medications & Immunizations
  • Intravenous (IV) Fluids/Antibiotics

  • IV Glutathione for Parkinsonism

  • IV, Intramuscular (IM) & Subcutaneous (SC) medication (antibiotics, anti-nausea…)

  • Vitamin shots & infusions (vitamin B12, vitamin C…)

  • Scheduled immunizations & booster shots (tetanus, pertussis…)

  • Travel vaccination referralTuberculosis testing (PPD)

Complex Medical Condition Management
  • Diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma/COPD, high cholesterol, Lyme disease, obesity, anemiasHormone imbalance, andropause/low testosterone, thyroid disorders, adrenal fatigue, decreased sex drive

  • Digestion & absorption complaints, chronic pain, depression, dementia, heart disease

  • Urinary incontinence, prostate difficulty, kidney & bladder infections, kidney stones, premature ejaculation

  • Vision changes, migraines, daily headache, seasonal allergies, hearing loss, unexplained weight gain, unexplained weight loss

  • Advanced cancer screening for colon, cervical, breast, prostate, ovarian, & lung cancers

  • Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • End of Life & Palliative/Hospice CareStress Testing and Echocardiograms

Diagnosis & Treatment of Common Illness
  • Immediate attention & antibiotics for bacterial infection, influenza, common colds, bronchitis, sinusitis, urinary tract infections & other urgent issues

  • Allergy testing for airborne, food and drugs.

  • Pregnancy testing, sexual infections, minor injuries & laceration repair, foreign body & ear wax removal

  • Acute muscle strain & pain relief with injections/adjustments/medications

  • Hospital admission and continuing care for complicated conditions


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