DXLabs is a private physician owned and operated laboratory offering a full suite of medical diagnostic tests. Our state-of-the-art CT Licensed facility is both certified by the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid CLIA and THE JOINT COMMISSION accredited COLA Organization for laboratory excellence. By meeting these higher standards we are setting the bar higher by offering quicker and more accurate diagnosis.

As a private physician owned laboratory our costs of operation are lower. We empower the patient by passing those costs and savings onto them! With deductibles, coinsurance and difficulties of obtaining insurance coverage it is of most importance to be able to provide patients with affordable alternatives at higher quality than one would find in a non-COLA certified Lab.

DXLabs Mission is to empower patients and physicians by delivering accurate and cost-effective diagnostics!

Advanced Cardiac Testing: We offer advanced lipid panels with companion carotid ultrasound to deliver a highly specialized risk score for cardiovascular disease. This enables clinicians and patients to track and make clinical decisions on treatment with lifestyle or medications.

Menopause, Testosterone and hormonal optimization: DXLabs offers cutting edge laboratory testing helping you and your patients identify the causes of things such as early bone or muscle loss, fatigue or difficulty losing weight. Our endocrinology specialty diagnostics are available and help you make decisions on hormone replacement or optimization therapy.

Cancer prevention and detection: We offer a suite of molecular tests for early identification of Prostate, Colon, Pancreatic, Breast, Uterine or Ovarian cancer. The key to survival with these cancers is early detection!

Our blood drawing service can come to your home for a small charge. In addition we are glad to offer pick up directly from the physicians office. By coming to you we enable patients to get their blood work drawn from the convenience of their doctor's office. We are dedicated to making your experience pleasant, effective and affordable!

DXLabs is a member of the Community Medical Group, an 800 clinician Independent Physician Organization based in Connecticut and dedicated to private practice physicians.

DXLabs is a DBA of Diagnostic and Medical Specialists of Greenwich LLCalt tag


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